Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Most Recent Status

So as of now, I am totally graduated, which means I can really have some fun experimenting and whatnot (Theoretically at least). However due to schedules and other assorted goings on, I haven't actually gotten any painting or arting in so far. However, I have some plans for some fun projects, and I keep finding myself wishing that I had my own studio space. Until I have the kind of money I could spend on that though, I'll have to rely on the school studio space, whenever I can get in there. I really want to get in and play with some more splash paintings. Most other arting I'm capable of doing at my place, but these are a bit too messy and chemicalified for that. So hopefully I can get in and do some soon.

During the semester I got to do a few, and they're some of my favorite things I've done thus far. Overall that's probably a really good thing, considering they're the most recent things I've done thus far...