Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Step 1 - Complete

After quite some time digging through my storage in an attempt to find all the stuff I need for
this... I am successful!
So got some t-shirting done. Now it's just wait for it to dry.. which is always the frustrating part. Anyhoo, here's pictures of the process thus far - it's super easy. Because of the problems I created by my choice of stencil, I decided to make it an inverted image on the shirt. Hopefully it works when I peel off the stencil. This first one is the stencil, and you can see the fabric paint I've been using. I just get it at Robert's Craft store.
Next are a few images of my journaling process for this project. I've been working on returning to my research sketchbook habits, which means I've been vomiting ideas into here. For this one, it seems to be a lot of Alice quotes, and a couple pieces of design.

Ironing the stencil on. Woot.
Then "artistic" spraying on of colors, until I'm happy with the look, trying not to overdo it.
And now, waiting for it to dry so we can peel off the stencil and see how it turned out. Fingers crossed!

I hate waiting.